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[Edit]: RoquetteGamer_RBLX is now named TronusRBLX, as the word "Tronus" is the word he liked.

RoquetteGamer_RBLX is a Roblox player known for creating games (most likely test games) and making random avatars, He was born on April 23rd [UNKNOWN YEAR], then making his first roblox account in 2013 with the name "NekoSkillz", then changed to "RoquetteGamerTv" and was terminated in the year of 2018 due to Curse words and third-party content, Now currently using an account made 3 years later after 2013 named AnubiousGamerTv, while in use of that account, he didn't like being called "Anu", he wanted to be called "Ro", His current account he uses now was made on 7/28/2016, and is still currently active as of April of 2020. Back in 2018 when using the new account, he had been accused of "stealing" from one of the following people: VicRBLX, although he claims to have not stolen the models, with proof that a user named "Crerel" had given him the models, A year later he decided to start moving on from making "Bendy Games" and started making "Godzilla Games". He had succeeded in making a popular Godzilla Game known as "Long Live The King: Godzilla RP", currently with over 549.9K+ visits as of June 2020. After a few months of the Game being created, RoquetteGamer_RBLX had made his Own Youtube Channel on August 12th, 2019 with the current amount of 159 subscribers as of June 2020, and weeks later he made a Group of his own game with the current members of 328 users as of April 2020. Meanwhile the group was created, Roquette had been interested with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, And started making Creator Only Morphs of Jojo Stands, currently of Star Platinum, The World, And Chariot Requiem. Due to Covid-19, Roquette had been updating his Godzilla game less more often. [More Coming Soon.]

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